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Karthik Babu is an artist and illustrator based in India who creates digital and oil paintings. His featured works include "Maha Dakshin", and "Hindu deities". Karthik primarily works with traditional oil painting techniques in his digital paintings, and he draws inspiration for his illustrations from intuitive ideas that come to him as fully-formed images in his mind.

In 2020, Karthik decided to embark on a new artistic journey, exploring the historical elements of art and the aesthetics of Oriental paintings. He is determined to use his artistic skills and knowledge to illustrate characters, events, and stories that are pure and exude a rare sense of originality. 

Karthik's passion for painting has allowed him to channel his creativity and has given new meaning to his life. He is committed to creating art that stimulates emotions in both the creators and the viewers, and he hopes to share his vision with the world through his work. Despite not having a formal background in the arts, Karthik is determined to hone his skills and continue to grow as an artist.


Thank you for stopping by and viewing my work!


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